Problems can rise even in the liveliest of families, resulting in challenging and frustrating interaction between family members. From resentments to irritations, arguments to feelings of guilt, anger, and disappointment, there can be a lot of issues to deal with.

Dispute with family often brings up the most intense emotion out of us. Dissatisfaction in the family is often left buried deep within a person’s heart. For years people suffer from low self-esteem, anger and sadness due to unresolved problems in the family.

There are various factors that can lead to problems within a family. Factors such as financial issues, grief, substance abuse, mental health concerns, divorce, behavioral and academic concerns contribute to changes in the families’ dynamic. When families go through a difficult period, it is important to support each other in order to keep the family together.

No matter the cause for a family to fall apart, if the issue persist, it is time to get help from the trusted, experienced and qualified family counsellor near you.

Family therapy is designed to help families to address and solve their problems. The modern model of most family therapy seeks to address the communication, as well as any individual issues.

There are many signs that indicate your family is in need of professional family counselling. Here we have listed a few important reasons for you to seek family counselling.

Problem between parents

Parents are two pillars of a family. Problems between parents not only affect the couple’s relationship but these issues affect the family as a whole. When parents are struggling, constantly arguing and contemplating divorce, the strain on the family can be visibly seen by the members of the family. Arguments between parents can cause issues of depression, anger, and low self-esteem in their kids. A counsellor can target problems one at a time and create plan to bring the family together and make their relationship a strong one.

Change in financial status

When a family’s financial status degrades, all members of the family including children can go through tumultuous period. Decrease in living standard can create conflict between parents and siblings resulting in unhealthy relationships. It can also change how family members interact with each other. A family counsellor can arrange a special plan to deal with each member individually and work on improving their behaviour towards one another.

Troubled teen

Adolescence is a very sensitive period.  A child experiences a lot of turmoil and goes through numerous changes at this transition stage from a kid to a young adult. From dealing with anger issues, substance abuse, rebellious attitude, sibling rivalry to romantic relations, there are a number of things he/she is going through.

If a child is not provided with proper guidance and care during adolescence, he/she may lost his/her way which affects the whole family. A counsellor can analyse the child’s psychology and can deduce the reasons for his/her anger and bad behavior. In case a child is being bullied outside of the house or inside the house by siblings, it’s a serious concern for the family. Working together with a qualified family counsellor a family can find solutions to work things out and secure the child’s future.

Sibling conflict

Sibling conflict is a major problem for most families as it results in an unhealthy environment for kids to grow up in. When a child is jealous of his/her sibling’s success or any other thing, it can break their bond. This leads to constant arguments, fights and unhealthy competition. With the help of a trusted and experienced counsellor, kids can learn communication skills, self-care skills, and boundary-setting to build a peaceful environment at home.

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