Services & Fees Explained


The first session is usually the most daunting, so your counsellor will take some time getting to know you, and to create a safe environment so that you feel comfortable and can trust them. Your counsellor will explain our confidentiality agreement to you, and answer any questions you may have.

We approach each person with an enquiring mind. We believe that we are all unique individuals. Whatever the issue, your counselor will listen and talk it through with you, and they will develop a treatment plan that can guide your work together towards healing and wellness.

Our approach to relationship therapy is founded on a sincere belief that healing and growth can be achieved when each member of a couple has the tools, understanding, and compassion to work effectively with each other.

Experience has taught us that the Imago approach is effective for couples who wish to enrich a good relationship, for those who need to deal with recurring conflict, and for those who are considering separation.

We believe that conflict is change trying to happen. Let’s embrace it and see where it takes us – there is nothing to fear from conflict itself. For more information, please visit What is Imago?


Judi provides consultation and supervision to counselling professionals and organisations. We are committed to regular personal supervision to ensure professional and ethical practice. We value and seek professional guidance and consultation as required. In the interest of best practice for clients, we will liaise with other treating professionals.

Fees are by negotiation – please contact us.

This may depend on complexity and fees may range between $150 and $180 per hour for individuals, couples and families.

Mental Health Care Plans per hour – $165 – payment can be processed with Hi-Caps in office. $74.80 rebate from Medicare.  I do not bulk bill. 



Community Information

We are willing to consult with you regarding any community programs and information sessions regarding issues around counselling and couples therapy. Please contact us if you are interested in a presentation or workshop such as a Relationship Enrichment Program.

Relationships and Family Conflict

“It’s not about finding the right partner, it is about being the right partner.”
As Imago Relationship Therapists, we have a rich understanding of intimate relationships, and the skills and expertise to work with couples. Imago Therapy is equally valid for couples who wish to improve a good relationship, as it is for those who wish to understand and resolve their conflicts. In either case, couples are able to move toward a rewarding and enhanced relationship. Judi has been married and encountered divorce. She is now in a committed relationship. She also has had two children and thoroughly loves being a grandparent. On her journey, like so many people she has experienced painful times and also appreciates how even the latter has enhanced her life and helped her appreciate the power of a conscious relationship with others. The stress of modern living and the associated limited time for everything can play havoc with an intimate relationship. We sincerely believe that Imago can provide a couple with the tools required to enrich their relationship, and to bring back the passion.

Relationship Phases

The in-love phase, which lasts about 18 months to two years. The fading of the in-love phase brings a power struggle, with conflict and partners finding each other irritating. Working through the power struggle will result in a commitment to work with a partner to improve the relationship. 8101717438_6f1646817f_counsellingCommunication goes out the window when there are signs of trouble. The mannerisms that were once charming become irritating. Partners cannot agree on anything. There is uncertainty of where the relationship is going. Partners think that, if things do not change, the relationship is doomed to come to an end.

Signs of relationship Break-down

Anger and Denial. Taking a blow to self-esteem. Sense of loss, with the realisation the dream is coming to an end.

Fixing a Relationship

Create a relationship vision. Learn to communicate. Revisit your childhood. Identify any childhood wounds or relationship lessons learned in childhood. Allow romance back into the relationship. Deal with frustrations in the relationship. Resolve rage. © Erik De Wit, 2007

Mental Health Care

Judi is an accredited Mental Health Social Worker. This means she has been assessed by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) as having specialist mental health expertise. If you are feeling depressed or anxious, or are having relationship problems that are affecting your health and well-being, you can contact us directly to arrange an appointment. Or you can discuss your issues with your GP. If your GP decides that counselling is appropriate, he or she can prepare a mental health assessment and make a referral to us. You will then be eligible for a Medicare rebate for our services, through the Commonwealth funded Better Access to Mental Health Care program. Rebates also apply if you have a referral from a psychiatrist.


Fees for individuals – $165 and couples $180 per 60 minutes.  Family Counselling $200 per hour.  It is recommended that first session for couples be a 2 hour session. A two hour session allows for a greater depth of therapeutic intervention including and provision of tools for you the individual or your relationship.  Judi also does “intensives” for couples and individuals up to a 6 hour sessions (with appropriate breaks not charged for) . Some people request 1,2 or 3 day intensives (or “deep dives” (each day 6 hours.  Fees for professional supervision, consultation, and group presentations are by negotiation.