Pre-Marriage Counselling

Taking the next step?
Start it on the right note with guidance from the expert counsellors.

Getting hitched? What makes a strong marriage? What are the foundation basics that holds it altogether?

  • Love, trust and communication?
  • No dirty tricks to get what you want and then disregard your partner’s wishes?
  • Understand each other’s needs?
  • Have a clear understanding of each other’s differences?
  • Have mutual respect for each other?
  • Don’t undermine each other’s opinions?
  • All of the above and MORE!

These topics will help you to strengthen your marriage and make it a lifetime commitment. However, both should understand and be aware that there will be difficult and challenging times ahead.

It’s advisable to spend more time preparing for your life together as husband and wife rather than spending so much time and effort on just a single day that is your wedding day.

Marriage is undoubtedly one of the most vital transitions in life. Heartfelt counsel before marriage from acclaimed pre-marriage therapists serving in Brisbane can be an added bonus for building a strong foundation for marriage.

It helps to talk about concerns on marriage and life after marriage with each other without feeling threatened or under pressure.

Tara Counselling specialises in pre-marriage counselling essential for creating strong, loving and long-lasting relationships. Our pre-marriage counselling program in Brisbane helps you and your partner to navigate through the ups and downs you are likely to experience in your first year of marriage.

We offer services from experienced, trained and licensed marriage counsellors in Brisbane to prepare you for a healthy, happy and successful marriage. Our counsellors can provide you with the tools and skills required for living a wonderful fulfilling married life together.

They will guide you in identifying the core issues and being able to solve them before they add stress or distrust in your relationship. They will also assist you to make the right decisions throughout your relationship that are best for your marriage.

Its imperative to have an effective two-way communication which will prevent marital or relationship conflicts.

Seek marriage counselling when there are few problems and not when its almost impossible to reconcile or change. Protect your relationship before it starts to deteriorate.

Call 0408 726 544 for further details, our professional counsellors also provide a certificate for the priest or celebrant that you have attended a pre-marriage course. Feel free to contact us.

Wishing you marital bliss!

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