October and November of 2007 proved to be very exciting and interesting months for me, so I am taking this opportunity to share the time with you.

During October I travelled to The Netherlands and connected with a friend and colleague Laurie Hugelmeyer. We presented two Imago Connects Workshops, one in The Hague and the other in Amsterdam.

Both workshops were well attended and the responses of the participants were amazing. It is wonderful to hear participants using Imago techniques at the completion of a workshop.

I have to say that for me the experience was simultaneously exciting and humbling. It truly is a privilege to witness participants opening their hearts and minds to the Imago process and being eager to learn more.

It was also in The Netherlands that I had the privilege to meet Harville Hendrix for the first time. Laurie and I had organised for him to do some book signing at the American Book Store in Amsterdam and The Hague. These events were well attended. Dr Hendrix is an amazing speaker. He had the audience enthralled as he spoke about his work with Imago.

The opportunity to speak with Dr Hendrix at a personal level was a valuable experience that expanded my knowledge of Imago, and opened the way to future learning.

I was particularly impressed by his quietly calm manner, his deep respect for and understanding of the human experience, and the paramount importance of the healing power of intimate relationships.

From The Netherlands I travelled on to the Imago International Conference in Vienna. The hospitality of the Viennese Therapists who had organised the conference was amazing. The welcome was apparent immediately upon arrival at the hotel.

The conference provided information in relation to the future direction of the Imago Relationship International (IRI). Conference papers and workshops provided information at both the intellectual and experiential level.

The conference also offered the opportunity to meet with Imago Therapists from all corners of the world, in itself a very enriching experience.

On a personal level, I was inspired by the conference to continue to build my Imago practice here in Brisbane, and to provide efficient and effective therapy of the highest ethical standard.

Lorraine, January 2008