As this training for therapists is not available in Australia, I decided to do this training in the UK.

In April 2012 I participated in two days of Introductory training in the area of ENCOUNTER CENTRED COUPLES THERAPY with Sue Wintgens and Noa Rockman.  I also felt priviliged to assist in a 3 day couples workshop run by Sue Wintegens in Wokingham outside ofLondon.  This program was originally to be run by HEDY SCHLEIFER but due to medical reasons she could not do this and passed this onto Sue Wintens and her husband Brett.  Hedy highly recommended the training by Sue and Brett.

If you are interested in the process of ENCOUNTER CENTRED COUPLES THERAPY, whilst not yet fully certified, I am able to assist.  To see the founder HEDY SCHLIEFER’S story and processes, you can seek her out on YOU TUBE.

Couples therapy is a unique experience for every couple and it is my belief that there is no ONE formula for each couple.  It is really about the connection you make with your counsellor and feeling out together your individual and couples goals whilst in counselling.  JUDI