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Marriage Counselling in Brisbane


We see marriage as something beautiful and something to look forward to. Many of us take it as the next step in a relationship. When we want to marry our partner/lover, it shows our commitment and shows how much we value our relationship with our significant other.

Since we are different individuals with different sets of value and belief, lifestyle, likes and such, there is always going to be bumps in the road. Sometimes these bumps/fights/disagreements are small and insignificant while other times these can lead to serious issues that might damage the relationship.

And if you are facing such a challenge in your marriage, it is time to intervene.

We know there is love, we just need to fire it up again with open communication and guidance from qualified marriage or couples counselling. Whether you guys are dealing with little hiccups in early in the marriage or reignite the flame one more time to keep it going strong, or planning to grow your family, our expert marriage counsellors in Melbourne are here for your assistance.


Why you should go for marriage/couples counselling?

Placing too much strain on a relationship can lead to its demise. Couples start to drift apart from each other, there is lack of or zero intimacy, sex is non-existence, there is disrespect and dissatisfaction between the two. So, don’t let a small problem or argument get out of hand as your relationship has to take the brunt of it.

There are a number of reasons why a married couple slowly falls out of love. Number one being lack of communication or no communication at all. Other reasons may be difference in personal likes and dislikes, moral values, ethics, religious beliefs, financial setbacks, addiction, family/in-law problems, infertility, adoption and infidelity.

Any one of the above mentioned reasons or something else can be the root cause for the end of a marriage.


Our couples and marriage counsellors will help you-

  • put a stop to the blame game.
  • reduce frequency and escalation of fights.
  • teach how to stop a argument and divert it towards a more healthy and productive conversation where both of you can get you point of view across.
  • communicate better and listen with sincerity about the other’s argument.
  • be in the moment, trust and be emotionally connected to each other.
  • rekindle your love and romance as well as liven up your sex life.
  • show how to manage and deal with day to day outside issues/stresses that may negatively affect your relationship.
  • discuss anything that’s on your mind or your partner’s/spouse’s that has been bottled up inside causing your overall health to decline.
  • show how to share those feelings with your partner without any judgments.
  • move towards unconditional love which grows each passing day.


If you feel like your marriage is on the rocks but both of you still love each other and want to stay together, however differences and problems keep coming up and stirring trouble, and you don’t know how to handle them, seek professional and experienced marriage counsellor like Tara Counselling to resolve marital issues.

Save your marriage. Make it strong.

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