Make your dad feel special this father's day

The relationship between a father and his children is a special bond, with the father being his beloved children’s mentor, cheerleader, and their biggest supporter. Raising children to become a strong and happy adult is a difficult job but it is a fulfilling one. So, let him know how much he means to you and to your family by planning something unique this father’s day. Celebrate this Father’s Day by taking time out from your busy schedule to spend quality time together and bond with him. Show your dad that you care and love him. Here are a few good ideas on how you can make your dad feel special this Father’s Day.

1. Spend time together:
Spending time and enjoying each other’s company as a family in relative harmony is what everyone wants. Your dad works hard every day and he has made many sacrifices just to bring a smile on your face. Though this was motivated by his unconditional love for you, you should repay him. Show him your love, respect and admiration for him.

Manage your time so you could be with your dad, your family. Whether it’s helping with cooking, buying groceries or washing dishes, do them together. Go on a holiday just with your dad, it can be a road trip, camping, fishing or all of it. Do the things that he enjoys. Make the day a wonderful and memorable one for both of you.

2. Show your appreciation:
Father’s Day doesn’t have to be only about gifts, but if you are planning to make or buy him a gift, be creative. Don’t just pick out a tie or a pair of socks. Making a special handmade greeting card for your father is a heartfelt gesture. Write down all the reasons why you love your father and what makes him the best dad, quoting special childhood memories which would surely bring a smile on his face.

If you are buying him a gift, try to think of something he keeps mentioning, or something you know he wants, but won’t buy for himself. If you aren’t living with your family or in another city, pay them a surprise visit on his special day and stay for a couple of days more.

3. Eliminate the pressure:
Keep the stress away from him. Relieve him from any kind of pressure. He will really appreciate having no deadlines, no hassles, no chores, no having to fix anything, and no rushing about on this special day. A day free from all the pressures of the world is what most fathers wish for.

Try to be aware of his mood throughout the day, and when you feel he is feeling down, cheer him up by doing something just for him. However, if you notice him becoming tired or doesn’t seem interested in things you plan to do together, leave him to rest and relax and talk to him when he is re-energized and wants to do things with you.

4. Create a family event:
Create a family event, getting everyone in the family together for a fun Father’s Day. Everyone is busy in their lives and few may even be in different cities. Make it a reunion for your family, siblings and cousins, the parade. You can gather your uncles, brothers and grandpas for a big dinner. Add interesting elements and activities that everyone enjoy or do them together. Include all the dads in such activities and not just your own father.

5. Praise your dad:
Your gratitude and love are the greatest gifts you can give him this father’s day. Tell your dad how much you love him. Giving him a hug and thanking him for everything, the ways he contributes to the family, thank him for always being there, for his moral and emotional support, even ask your mom to say few words about him like what makes him a great parent and partner. If you can’t tell him face to face then write it down or consider making a short family video for him, or make a big banner in his honor.

6. Make him a meal:
Whether you cook the best meals or get help to cook a simple dish, prepare him delicious meals that includes all the things he loves to eat. Share the meal with the whole family for a good time. If you know his favorite meal, plan to cook it for him on this day, and decorate the table with balloons and cards so he knows he is the center of attention. The love that goes into the preparation of his favorite meals will be conveyed to him and make the day a special one.

Your dad is your role model and Father’s Day is a day to honor him for everything he has done for his family. Show him how much you appreciate him with the above ideas to make the day special.

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