This is a dynamic and insight-provoking workshop for single people, presented by Margy Wakefield.

It’s a weekend of fun and discovery that integrates advances in neuroscience, biochemistry and attachment theory to provide an experience that fully engages both men and women.

Topics covered include:

  • Stages of relationship
  • Understanding our past baggage and the childhood influences on our relationships
  • Recurring patterns
  • Communication skills – a safe structure that allows us to work on difficult topics
  • Reactivity and defensiveness in relationships
  • Constructive ways to handle frustrations
  • Developing conscious relationships

Privacy: No one is required to share any personal information in the group.

What’s involved: The days are relaxed. The format is a combination of teaching modules, demonstrations and breakaway time to practice communication techniques.

Dates and Times: 5th and 6th September 2015, starting 08.45 to 18.00.

Venue: The Anglican Church Hall, 23 Victoria Street, Clayfield, QLD 4011. Free parking available.

Price:  $400 per person. This includes light refreshments + workshop manual. There is a delightful coffee shop nearby where you can buy lunch.

Bank Details: M. Wakefield, Westpac Bank, Sort Code 734002, Acct No. 716267

Enquiries: Margy Wakefield or Judi Barwick by email, or call 0408 726 544.

Imago Therapist Margy Wakefield