Marriage is the bond between two human beings and coming together as one to share all the happiness and sorrow with each other. When you and your spouse meet for the first time, talking, doing things for each other without any reason or just spending time together was probably very romantic. You can’t contain yourself and you feel like you can’t be without them for even an hour. Just knowing that they are watching and hearing them talk about you can give you real thrill. But as the time passes, those feelings starts to fade away (blame time) and many other responsibilities compete for your attention. Stress and work pressure can crowd out time for your spouse and your marriage.


So, How to keep you marriage strong?


It is really possible to keep love and romance alive in marriage for a longer period, all it takes is some planning and your effort. Here we will provide you some important tips to keep your marriage keep going and make you feel like singing Eagles “Love will keep us alive” every morning.


1. Pay attention to your spouse


Paying attention to your loved one or spouse can mean a world to them, after all it is said attention means love. It’s one of the most loving thing you do when you are in love with somebody. Giving someone your time means you are giving your part of life to them and you are never going to get that part back but that’s what love is and that is how you fall in love. Do you remember how much time you spent with your spouse before you got married? You bought flowers, made phone calls, talked for hours and unlimited texts sent.


Overtime all those feelings starts to fade, the reason – You did not give proper attention to your other half. Lack of attention is one of the main cause which can bring problems to the marriage or a relationship. Proper attention can solve the rift and can make your marriage a happy one ever after.


2. Don’t try to change each other


Why be with someone if you didn’t like the way they were? All those nifty little annoying things seem lovely when you are not married, but you don’t like them after marrying and you want the person to change their habits. Maybe you don’t like the way they dress, the way they sleep or any other small thing, that is because that is who they are. Changing their habits means living a lie and nobody wants to do that, nobody wants to leave their comfort zone. It’s these small things that bring problem to the marriage, like movie choices, food choices and also that is what makes it interesting. Being a couple means sharing each other’s passions and living their way of life and getting best of the both worlds can help you keep your marriage strong.


3. Take trips Down Memory lane


It’s always good to take a look back at your happy moments and relive them. Remember the place you saw them, your first date, wedding photographs, your honeymoon. Those are the important memories you need to cherish and save for the rest of your life. Go over the happy highlights of your life or re-create your first date which always helps to re-kindle your memories and also keeps your marriage strong.


4. Friendship is the key


Spouses are more of a friend than partners. It is said that a marriage between two best friends always lasts longer than two strangers who got into relationship. Keeping love and marriage strong doesn’t mean going on the weekend getaways and exchanging gifts, it’s all about nurturing your friendship, which is the basis of a happy marriage.


For example, we all know our power couple, Monica and Chandler from the hit TV series, ” FRIENDS“. They are one of the best on-screen couples. Why?? Because they understood each other better, they were more of a friend than being couples. Be a Friend, that’s the answer!!


5. Re-adjust your priorities


Priority is a major concern after the years of marriage. You have to provide for your family and to do that you have to work all day. When you get back home, you are tired and want to go straight to bed. Also during the weekends you are mostly busy with the yard job and maybe even with unfinished office works. And that results, not being present for your family resulting in an unhappy marriage. You need to re-adjust your priorities, take holidays and spend time with your family, take your wife on a quick weekend getaway, it’s not that you have to spend whole life working. Family is important!


We believe marriage is a blessing for two souls. You must have worked hard for this marriage to happen and you don’t want to let it go that easily. Buckle up and make your family happy. There is always “Happy Marriage – Happy Life”.


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