Is Relationship Counselling Right for You?

by Nov 25, 2015

Making a relationship work can be difficult, whether you’re still dating or you’re in a marriage and have a family. Today, both men and women seek out therapy to help their relationship get back on track. How do you know if counselling is the right option for you and your partner, though? Before you consider separation or divorce, consider conflict resolution.

Have you noticed that your fights are escalating lately and getting out of control? Some experts suggest taking the pulse of your fights to determine how severe they are. If you wouldn’t let someone you’re close to, like your sibling or your child, listen to one of your fights, you may be due for marriage therapy.

Do you feel like you face the same problems nearly every day? Couples who benefit from counselling are often the ones who seem to rehash the same problems all the time. Dealing with this type of conflict can lift a huge weight off your relationship, and it can even prevent separation or divorce from occurring.

Does it seem like you’re drifting further and further away from your partner? Do you wonder if it’s time for a trial separation? Are you considering getting a divorce? Constant conflict may be a red flag for your marriage and family, but so is avoiding confrontation. As a couple, you should be able to communicate about their fears and the things that anger them. By participating in therapy, you can learn how to communicate effectively.

The key is to start the counselling before your problems as a couple are too large or deep to repair. Sometimes, damage can be so extensive that it’s beyond repair. Don’t wait until it’s too late.