Hello, my name is Judi Barwick. I am the principal director of Tara Counselling. Tara Counselling Group therapists are committed to helping all couples and families and individuals to enhance and repair relationships when in distress.  All relationships will have “hiccoughs”, it is human nature to defend what we believe deeply and often our partners may not like this or agree.  As the founder of Imago Tberapy, Dr Harville Hendrix states that “Conflict is Growth trying to happen”.  When we fight or argue what is really happening is that we are yelling out to be truly heard.  Processes such as Imago Relationship Therapy and Gottman Relationship Therapy focusses on how you can have very different and connecting conversations that feel emotionally safe.

I have worked in Government and non Government agencies and hospitals where it has been an extreme privilege to witness the strength and spirit of people shattered by life experiences often beyond their control. It is regularly awe-inspiring to witness people journey through and overcome such challenges through counselling.

My colleague who so kindly passed Tara Counselling Group to me when she retired so aptly says “the pursuit of happiness, the achievement of goals, and the development of your full potential, are all considered to be valuable pursuits in the world in which we live. However, life throws you many challenges. At times you may feel overwhelmed, sad, unworthy, unhappy, lonely, disillusioned, and unable to cope. Life may loose its luster when you stop enjoying the things that once made you feel happy.”

Acknowledging you need help is the first step on your healing journey. The next step is to contact us and make an appointment for counselling. Together we will develop a plan of action, and collaborate on your goals to help you to regain your health and wellness.  Mental Health Care Plans are also accepted.  Please ask me about this in your contact.  This means you will obtain a rebate from Medicare.

I feel confident that successful outcomes of happiness, confidence, health and wellbeing, overcoming trauma or whatever you personally want to achieve can be attained. Often it may be to just to get to a place of accepting that there are some things that cannot be changed or that we don’t have actual control over. One certainty in life is that it is unpredictable and it is ok to give permission to ourselves to ask for help.  Change takes time and doesn’t happen over night.  With commitment to working with your counsellor toward change – you may just encounter some of the joy you are looking for.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Tara Counselling Group