Connecting With the One You Love?

“…a transforming weekend adventure for couples…”

In a confidential, professional and safe environment you will?have the opportunity to build a more satisfying relationship!?

What You Will Learn
• How to communicate openly and honestly
• How to deal with deep rooted conflicts
• How to really connect with each other
• How to take blame out of your relationship
• How to keep the spark alive

Whether your partnership is solid or shaky, fresh or stale, this workshop adventure offers couples healing and change resulting in honest communication, mutual consideration, love and respect.

All couples work in total privacy and are not expected to share in the group. Presenter: Margy Wakefield is an experienced couples therapist, advanced Imago Clinician and Imago Workshop presenter. Margy works internationally presenting these workshops in South Africa, Australia and the UK. For more info about Margy and/or Imago please visit and

Margy will advise me of her next workshop in Brisbane 2011 please email if you wish to be notified of a workshop coming up in Brisbane.