Family can be a great source of support and at the same time it also be a source of distress, misunderstanding, and pain. Family counselling addresses disputes a person presents within the context of his/her relationship with significant people in his/her life. Counselling can help with problems between you and your partner or another person in the family, new living arrangements, issues relating to child care and financial troubles.

Enabling family members to be supportive to one another in transitional stages of life, helping them manage and see through stressful events and aid all members to develop a strong family bond, is what family counselling does best.

However, there are certain facts about family counselling that you need to be aware of before rushing into family therapy.

1) Choosing a counselling strategy: It is important to take into consideration what kind of family counsellor and strategy to select because every family is a distinct unit with specific issues unique to them. It is best to seek a certified and experienced professional family counsellor, psychologist or therapist first. You can them work together to identify the nature and cause of the problem in the family. Find a professional family counsellor who is right for you in terms of personality and counselling style which best suits your family’s needs.

2) The sooner the better: It is better to address any problem in the family early on rather than leaving it till it is too late. Taking family therapy only after things heating up may be a lost cause. If a family member waits until their problem is too far advanced, another member of the family may have already given up their hope for a solution and any chance for reconciliation. At that point, it can be difficult to fix the problem. So for the best chance at resolving issues and for a happy family life, you should seek qualified family counsellor as soon as possible.

3) Every family has issues: The most important thing we need to realise is that it is quite normal to have issues in the family. Every family has to go through certain problems one time or the other. When a family has to face challenges, it can cause stress for every member in the family as well as be the reason for strained relationships. Fortunately, most of the problems in a family can be resolved with some patience and professional help.

Counselling experts have a lot of experience in dealing with family issues, and can help in bringing out people’s true feelings that individuals may not even know about. The family members need to be committed to find the root cause for the disputes and ready to have fruitful conversation to find solutions and dismiss problems.

4) Be prepared to get counselling: When you go for counselling, it is important to be prepared to take part in the process. Be open to conversation and ready to listen to each other’s concerns and problems with regards to one another. Along with which you have to take into consideration the advice given by the therapist. Take the time and make an effort to build a strong relationship with your family in order to understand them better and to open up lines of communication that will lead to trust.

5) It takes time to solve:  It is helpful to learn about how to deal with family conflict if we really want things to work out. So take steps to resolve family disagreements for a happy and better life together. You should do this early on as it takes time for solve the differences.

The major mistake one can make when undergoing counselling is that they try to fix things out of fear or guilt. It is also important to keep in mind that counselling may not work if the individuals involved in a family are not willing to cooperate and sort out their issues.

Family counselling is a process where you all need to work together. The counsellor try to get a family to understand the importance and the reasons for why things are going wrong. Then work on ways to resolve disputes and create a supportive atmosphere for future discussions. And this takes time. Be ready to make time for counselling sessions and put in the work.

Family of all background seek professional and licensed family counsellor in the time of need who can help them get through various issues affecting different areas of their life. All the members will need to invest some time together as a family to work on problems. Tara Counselling Group’s qualified and friendly family counsellors will collaborate with your family to facilitate greater harmony and create positive relationships. Contact us to book a session or Call us at +61 (0)408 726 544/ +61 (0)410 422 358 for more information.