About Tara

Judi Barwick


Bachelor of Social Work with first class honours
Member of the Australian Association of Social Workers
Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW)
Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

Member of College of Australian Association of Social Workers
Australian Association of Social Workers
ADVANCED Certified Imago Relationship Therapist

Gottman Trained Relationship Therapist L 1.2.and 3 trained

Encounter Centred Couples Therapy L 1 trained

BRAINSPOTTING L1, 2 toward L 3 and Master Class Training.

INTERNAL FAMILY SYSTEMS toward certification


Areas of Expertise

Using current treatments / interventions developed through the study of Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity that assists in the rewiring of our brain, is a real specialty area to assist clients who feel that the challenges of their lives have changed them.  So if you are experiencing depression, stress and anxiety and other more complex issues, lets explore how best to help you.

You will be treated with great respect and without judgement. We all have internal parts that makes us tell ourselves that eg “I am broken… I will never get better… I am worth more than this… I wonder if I am crazy… why is it one day I can cope and other days I can’t…” Together we are able to explore the best way to assist your unique issues.

In 37 years of counselling I have a strong appreciation of many theories of practice and trained in many models too numerous to mention.   In recent years I am skilled in many relationship therapies as well as the use of INTERNAL FAMILY SYSTEMS  THERAPY, BRAINSPOTTING, HAVENING to name just a few. 


I have worked in a variety of mental health contexts, including general hospitals (13 years as a registered nurse), at Lifeline (as a Training Officer and face-to-face counsellor), for a large psychiatric hospital (as the Senior Psychiatric Social Worker), and with The Department of Veterans’ Affairs as a counsellor and caseworker.

I have extensive experience working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and I am acutely aware of it’s effects on sufferers and their families. I can provide appropriate and effective crisis intervention, counselling, personal support, and help with relationship issues associated with PTSD.

I believe in the power of a constant and reliable therapeutic relationship in treatment of all trauma related issues. I also firmly believe that emotional and psychological healing can occur within an intimate adult relationship, so I trained thoroughly in Imago Relationship Therapy and Gottman Relationship Therapy to help me to work more effectively in that way.

I am now also trained to assist the NEURODIVERSE COUPLE ie a couple where one or both are on the autism spectrum.  This is quite a specialty area.

Counselling is a rewarding and humbling experience for me, especially my work with combat veterans, Defence Force personnel, and their families. I really appreciate the opportunity to work at a deeply personal level with clients, and to help them to change their lives for the better. Private practice is both a joy and a challenge.

I acknowledge that when courageous people allow us to enter into and share their very personal experiences, we “grow” as therapists and human beings. When I am able to assist an individual to reach their full potential, I too am enriched by the experience as my personal capacity for empathy and change grows.


Judi’s patience, insight and experience with Imago has benefited us deeply, from the very first session. Working with her, my partner and I have been able to revolutionise our communication with each other. Since we started sessions with Judi, we’ve been able to recognise and replace old patterns and habits that were holding us back from understanding each other in a more authentic – and loving – way. We weren’t sure what to expect before our first session, but the process is so practical, we immediately understood its usefulness. While we still have misunderstandings and stressful moments, we now have the tools to ‘dialogue’ with each other about our feelings, fears and needs in a much more positive and productive way. It has strengthened our partnership and even relationships with friends and colleagues.
E & R

“My experience with Tara Counselling and Judi has been excellent and successful leading to lasting change in myself and my intimate relationship with my partner. Judi has a wide variety of tools and techniques that were easy to apply and have made an incredible improvement in the quality of life for me and my partner. With Judi we have taken our relationship from the brink of collapse to a new and rewarding marriage. Imago therapy was the key to getting things back on track, showing us how to end the blame game and really understand each other and move towards each other in true intimacy. We had tried other counselling services and Judi’s counselling skills and the Imago techniques have been the only approach that brought two individuals together in understanding and intimacy.”
With Gratitude – Andrew