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ABFT – Family therapy is a well recognised method of helping individuals within a family context deal with simple and complex issues, mental health or otherwise. It is structured and scientifically researched. Over 34 years of counselling, I have attended many days / courses of training and always used family therapy methods in assisting families. Whilst I am very experienced, it is always important for me to be on top of what is best for my clients.

Having completed Level 1 training in Brisbane (3 days) and 28 hours of professional supervision with Suzanne Levy, I am about to do level 2 training (3 days) in Brisbane with the renowned Guy Diamond, PhD. Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology at Ben-Gurion University in Israel.

Professor Diamond is one of the primary developers of Attachment Based Family Therapy (ABFT) and is a licensed clinical psychologist and family therapist. His research examines change mechanisms in family-based treatments, including the role of emotional processing, the therapeutic alliance and changes in parental behaviours. Professor Diamond was the recipient of the prestigious American Foundation for Suicide Prevention for research into suicide prevention in 2014.

ABFT is the only manualised, empirically informed family therapy model specifically designed to target family and individual processes associated with adolescent



suicide and depression. ABFT emerges from interpersonal theories that suggest adolescent depression and suicide can be precipitated, exacerbated or buffered against by the quality of interpersonal relationships in families. It is a trust-based, emotion-focused psychotherapy model that aims to repair interpersonal ruptures and rebuild an emotionally protective, secure-based parent-child relationship.