A lot of people are concerned when they get to the point where they need marriage counselling.  The truth is that it is a lot of work to a marriage and it is something that a couple needs to work on together every day.  Sometimes things can get to a point where it seems that there is nothing to be done, and this is the point where many people give up on their marriage.  Others choose marriage counselling and here are 7 surprising facts and benefits:


  1. It can help you to move forward

When you attend marriage counselling you are spending a full hour away from your everyday life and focusing on your relationship.  The counsellor acts as a mediator and guides you and your partner in a constructive discussion and allows each partner to speak without interruption.  Two-way open communication is encouraged and in a safe environment.  The issue is that people can become set in the same comfortable patterns and they lose sight of what does not work in their relationship.  Marriage counselling can help couples to become aware of the stagnant energy that they have in their relationship and help them to overcome roadblocks to open communication which helps the relationship to change and move forward.


  1. You are Investing in Growth

When you attend marriage counselling with your spouse you are making an investment in the growth of your relationship.  When your relationship is neglected it can end up in a broken marriage which is very unhappy and may even lead to divorce.  Investing in counselling indicates your willingness to change and when you accept help from a professional it can provide you with the guidance you need to take steps in the right direction.


  1. Intimacy and Your Mutual Connection can Deepen

The ability to have meaningful discussions with your spouse is usually interrupted with children, work or feeling drained after having worked all day long.  When you attend marriage counselling it provides you with the opportunity to have a deeper intimacy emotionally and this can improve your connection, your sex life and your happiness.


  1. You Discover That You Have Fears

Once you move past what simmers on the surface and what you commonly argue about, you will discover that those surface arguments relate to fears.  These surface arguments usually revolve around sex, parenting, work and money but once you move past these issues you can deal with the emotional pain and unmet needs that are simmering below.  When you have fears and certain beliefs they tend to manifest in specific ways and a therapist can help you to see those patterns.  If you can understand what is behind those patterns, it can eliminate the arguments.


  1. EFT Works Most of the Time

There is no one formula that will heal a relationship that is on the rocks but Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) can help couples to understand and know how they will respond emotionally to things.  When couples work through their emotional cycles together they can better understand each other and learn new ways to interact.  Approximately 75 percent of couples that are in a state of distress can move towards recovery if EFT is used.  It can help couples to grow an attachment in ways that are healthy as well as productive.


  1. Sooner is Better – Seeking Help Early Makes a Difference

When couples seek therapy early it can be very helpful.  If the problems in the relationship have been developing for a long time then one person may have already decided to give up on the marriage and it can be hard to save it at that point.


  1. Marriage Counselling Saves Your Relationship

Sometimes a therapist will work with a couple and help them to understand that their relationship is healthy or unhealthy.  About ¼ of couples who attend marriage counselling are encouraged to end their relationship because it is better for them to be divorced than to remain together and be unhappy. The remaining couples, they find exactly whats wrong in their relationship and the solution to their problems. They are found even more committed than before.


Tara Counselling is a professional marriage counselling service in Brisbane that can help you to work on your marriage.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you.  Every step that you take to work on your marriage is a step in the right direction to a happier future.