17 things you never knew about your dad

Dads are the most influential men in our lives, and we always look towards them for answers to life’s toughest questions. It is important to know how your dad has influenced your life, what he has taught you, what his strengths are, and how you can build a stronger relationship with him. It’s quite fun to research on your family history and get to know more about your dad. And here are 17 things that you never knew about your dad.

  1. He inspires you to be ambitious:

Whether you want to admit it or not, your dad’s attitude towards his work and commitment to see through things aspires you to be as ambitious as he is.

  1. What makes him proud:

It may be hard or awkward for you and your dad to have a face to face emotional conversation, but rest assured your dad has plenty to say about what makes him so proud of you. It’s time you heard what it is about you that makes your dad so gratified when it comes to how you have grown up.

  1. His relationship with his father:

Whether you knew your grandfather or not, it’s always enlightening to hear what your dad has to say about him. In many ways, the relationship between your father and grandfather guided how he bonded with you.

  1. His attempt to keep you out of trouble:

Adults who have close and healthy relationship with their fathers avoid risky behavior like substance abuse, drug addiction, unprotected sex and many others which can ruin their life. So, it seems like promising him that you will stay out of trouble, paid off.

  1. His greatest accomplishment besides family:

Whether your dad has fulfilled certain career goals, or produced something creative, or has maintained a social status, there is something that he has done which makes him feel accomplished. Hearing about how he accomplished his goals is really worth a listen. And you feel proud when you rely those accomplishments to others.

  1. How he met your mother:

Most of you may know how your parents met, but there’s a lot more to that meetcute than meets the eye. And for children that can provide an insight to what made your parents’ relationship so special.

  1. His struggle to get a job:

Everyone has memories of their first job which helped them be where they are today. He likely has plenty of stories from his first work experience as well as works that came after. He also probably gained a lot of understanding as to what career he wanted, mistakes he made and lessons he learned along the way. Listen to him and you will learn a thing or two as well.

  1. His restraint when it comes to your future relationships:

A daughter’s first bonding with a male figure is with her father. This relationship’s imprint is so strong that other romantic relationships and friendship with men are filtered through that experience. So, no man will ever be as great as your dad, and your dad will feel that no man is good enough for his daughter. But when you find the love of your life, he will be happy for you, and you would seek his approval for the relationship as well.

  1. He has your back:

Your father has your back no matter what. He is there when your self-esteem hits rock bottom, when you need him the most. From the start, he is actively engaged in his kids’ lives. This increases kids’ confidence and belief in themselves. And in a society where positive body image is a struggle for everyone this is especially important.

  1. His attendance for family meals:

Dads who help prepare the meals and engage in family meals teach the value of family time and healthy eating habits to their kids.

  1. Dad’s motivational heroes:

Knowing who your father finds inspirational can give you a new understanding about him. Maybe your father is a creative thinker like Winston Churchill. Hearing about who your father looks to for motivation or encouragement might even change your perspective on life.

  1. His favorite vacation destinations:

Where does your father like to travel the most and what’s the reason for it? Whether it’s the most eventful road trip he took when he was young, or his college, or maybe the place where your parents went for honeymoon, the insight and experience about the place and days may enlighten you about the man.

  1. Sport he would have liked to play:

Your dad might have some fond memories of playing sports. What sport did he dreamt of playing professionally? Hearing about your father’s dreams can be insightful.

  1. His favorite book:

We have all made deep connections with works of literature because there’s something that we connected to on an intimate and emotional level. Knowing about your dad’s favorite book will reveal a great deal about his personality. How old was he when he first read the book and why he enjoyed it?

  1. His friends:

Before you were born, your dad had a group of close friends. And when you were born, a night at the bar with his buddies was replaced by sleepless nights beside you. He would willingly trade his nights at the bar, clubs and pubs with his friends to spend more time with you because he loves you. And he would plan for family outings with his friends and their kids to keep his loved ones close to him.

  1. His love towards your mom:

When your mom was pregnant, he was looking out for both of you. He watched over her and took care of all her needs. He cooked her meals and let her rest and sleep. Their love held them together and your presence made the bond even stronger. He fell more in love with her than ever.

  1. His sacrifices:

No matter what sacrifices he might have made for you and the family, how much you may have changed his life, he is prouder of you than any other thing in his life.

Having loved ones in our lives is a blessing. We should not take our loved ones for granted. We need to make them feel they are loved and show them we are better because of them. We should not miss opportunities to love them back, talk to them, learn more about what makes them tick, and how they came to be the parents that we know and love.

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